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Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams


     Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

 What is a Percentage?

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams: A fraction of a whole expressed in terms of parts out of 100 is called a percentage. It enables us to express a portion of something in relation to its entirety or compare various quantities.

Percentage Questions

Explicit Justification:

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Let's dissect it using this example:

  • Say you possess a jar filled with marbles. In all, there are one hundred marbles. You're curious about the quantity of red marbles in this jar.

  • We can express the number of red marbles in the jar (20) as a percentage: 20 marbles out of 100.
  • To ascertain the proportion of red marbles:

In this case:

Percentage of Red Marbles=20100×100=20%

This means 20% of the marbles in the jar are red.

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Understanding Percentages:

  • Base: The entire amount, or the total number of marbles, serves as the base from which the percentage is computed.
  • Percentage expressed as a decimal or fraction: 20% can also be written as a decimal (0.20 or 0.2) or as a fraction (20/100).

Practical Use:

A variety of real-life situations frequently employ percentages, including:

  • Finance: Taxes, interest rates, and discounts can be calculated.

  • Statistic: The expression of amounts, rates of growth, or trends over time.

  • Business: Examining market shares, earnings, and losses.

In summary, percentages are a basic means of expressing portions of a whole in terms of 100, making comparisons and comprehension of relative quantities simple. They are essential to many facets of daily life, ranging from simple math operations to intricate analyses across various domains. Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams. 

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

1. How to Calculate a Number's Percentage: 

What is 30% percent of 200?

To find 30% of 200, 

the answer is:

of 200 = 30100×200=0.3×200=60

So, 30% of 200 is 60.

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Question 2: Growth in Percentage

What is the percentage increase in price of a product if it goes from $50 to $65)? In response:

  • The rise is equal to 65 - 50 = 15.

  • 65-50 = 15.

To calculate the growth percentage:

  • Percentage Increase=IncreaseOriginal Price×100
  • Percentage Increase=1550×100=0.3×100=30%
So, the percentages increase 30%

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Question 3: Percentage Decrease

Question: If a population decreases from 5000 to 4500 then what is the percentage decrease?


  •        The decrease is 5000 – 4500 = 500
To find the percentage decrease:

  • Percentage Decrease =   decrease / original population X 100  
  • Percentage Decrease = 500 / 5000 X 100 = 0.1 X 100 = 10%

So the percentage decrease is 10%

 Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Question 4: Calculating Original Value

Question: If the value of an item decreases by 20% to 80% what was the original value?


  •   Let the original value be x.
  •   After the decrease of 20% the value becomes 80% of the original value.
  •  80% of x is the reduced value.
  •  To find the original value: 80 / 100 X x = 4/5 x

       If 4/5 x = Reduced the value

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

Question 5: Finding the Percentages

Question: If 25 is 30% of a number, what is 20% of that number?


  •       Let the number be x

                30% of x is 25

            To find 20% of x:

             30% of x is 25

           X = 25/0.3

          Now find 20% of x:

          20% of x = 0.2 X x

                Solving  for 20% of x

       20% of x = 0.2 X 25/0.3 = 50/0.3 = 166.6

                       So 20% of that number is approximately 166.6

Percentage Questions For Competitive Exams

These examples cover various types of percentage questions commonly encountered in exams or daily calculations.

Here are some answers to the percentage questions. In order to get ready for the impending tests, students can practice these percentage-based questions. Our subject matter experts have prepared these percentage problems based on the most recent exam format. This resource's materials are all created in accordance with the most recent CBSE syllabus (2022–2023) and the NCERT curriculum. Here at sv educations discover how to calculate percentages in simple steps.

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