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Blood Relation Questions With Answers (Ultimate Guide)


Blood Relation Questions With Answers (Ultimate Guide)

A blood relation is any relationship that exists in the world that is formed through marriage or birth.

An example of a biological relationship would be a mother, father, son, daughter, etc.; a marital relationship would result in father-in-law, mother-in-law, etc.

Blood Relation Questions With Answers 

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The most studied logical reasoning topic is blood relations, and it's one of the few subjects that appears on practically all entrance exams. This subject assesses students' analytical abilities and shows them how to solve logical problems without the need for calculations by using diagrams.

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Here, the diagrams are very important. Correct analyses lead to appropriate diagrams. The list of tests where questions about blood relations frequently appear is provided below.

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Blood Relation Questions With Answers 

In a family, P is the son of Q but Q is not the father of P. How is Q related to P?
a) Mother
b) Father
c) Uncle
d) Grandfather

Question 2: Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, "This man's son's sister is my mother-in-law." How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?
a) Daughter b) Mother c) Sister d) Wife

Question 3: If A is the brother of B, B is the sister of C, and C is the father of D, how is D related to A?

a) Brother b) Sister c) Nephew d) Niece

In response to question 4, Rohan remarked, "That boy who is playing football is the only son of my father's daughter." How is the boy related to Rohan?

Nephew, Son, Brother, Niece, and Cradle

Question 5: A is the brother of B. C is the father of A. B is mothered by D. E is the brother of C. What is D to E?
a) Aunt b) Sister c) Mother d) Grandmother

Question 6: If A is the son of B, B is the brother of C, and C is the father of D, how is D related to A?

a) Uncle b) Father c) Cousin d) Brother

Question 7: "She is the mother of my sister's brother," a man says, pointing to a picture. How is the woman in the photograph related to the man?

a) Sister b) Mother c) Aunt d) Wife

Question 8: X is Y's sister. Z's son is Y. W is married to Z. Why is W connected to X?

Sister, Mother, Daughter, Wife, and So on

Question 9: How is R related to P if P is Q's son and R is Q's mother?

Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, Sister, and so on

Question 10: A is B's brother. C has a sister named B. D is the son of C. And how does D relate to A?

Niece, Nephew, Son, Daughter, and Cradle


  1. 1. c) Uncle
  2. 2. a) Daughter
  3. 3. c) Nephew
  4. 4. a) Nephew
  5. 5. c) Mother
  6. 6. b) Father
  7. 7. c) Aunt
  8. 8. d) Wife
  9. 9. a) Mother
  10. 10. b) Nephew

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